In the heart of the French Alps Eider has been working since 1962 to bring together a passion for mountain sports, a knowledge of textiles and a constant search for innovation in a style that is unique and modern.

Following in the footsteps of our founder, a tailor, today all of our collections come to life in our workshop in Annecy, where they are all imagined, designed, “patterned” and conceived.

Our complete control over the chain between research and development, along with permanent communication with our athletes, technical advisors, clients and providers, means that we are still pushing boundaries, year after year.


Our mission: to offer to all those who ski in the mountain, who love Outdoor activities and who are inspired by the Mountain, technical solutions for their most demanding needs and functional and versatile clothing; and to offer our knowledge as well as our fashionable, technical clothing to as many people as possible.


Eider range segmentation


The MOUNTAIN collection is all about Eider offering the technical knowhow it’s renowned for, to the most committed and demanding mountain users who are looking for ultimate alpine performance.  

The OUTDOOR collection was designed for all who are inspired by the mountains, those who love wide open spaces, have a passion for outdoor sports and are motivated primarily by versatility and practicality.

Eider - Mountain range   Eider - Outdoor range