The season of Laure

This is, without doubt, the last winter news from Laure Vailly with a short recap of her ski season. Between podiums at the Freeride World Qualifier and adventures with her friends, Laure had a great season, read more here!


Inside the backpack of Yann Gobert

“Inside the backpack of” takes you to the backstage of an athlete and a mountain lover and enables you to see what things they take with them during their adventures: their essentials. Today, Yann Gobert opens his backpack.


Norwegian Pilgrimage for Yann Gobert part I

After a first free-touring trip in Jotunheimen, Norway last year Yann Gobert wants to discover another region further North: The Lyngen Alps. Between seas and peaks and 300 kilometers within the polar circle: this is where Yann wants to roam in full autonomy for 10 days, this place considered as a ski paradise.


Alpine Line #4 – The écrins and the weather window

Yann and Yoann are back on duty after a mandatory break due to weather conditions and it starts with the Pelvoux. The conditions are poor because of this warm month of April so let’s see how our two fellow mountaineers deal with it.


Maewan #3: Guillaume Harleaux skies in Iceland!

As a reminder, the Maewan project gathers a bunch of mountaineers, navigators, skiers and athletes of all kinds on a boat (Maewan) that will navigate during 4 years in open seas with one goal: exploring and enjoying mountains and spots that can be accessed only by the seas!


Alaska Diary: Haines

Tom Winter shares his stay in Haines for the Freeride World Tour. Haines is a small town located in the southern part of Alaska, next to British Columbia. A great freeski potential and good moments with the locals.

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