Jean Pierre Besse trains to the Deep solo at Majorque.

« Best spot for this activity », Jean Pierre Besse took beautiful pictures of climbing over the water. His spot? Majorque, the largest island of the Balearic, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is full of amazing landscapes all as gorgeous as each other. The sea is sky blue and the rock is favorable to climbing.


Yann Borgnet tells us his trip in the massif of Queyras in pictures.

Located in the French department of High Alps, on the border of Italia, the massif of Queyras is a famous itinerary. Yann Borgnet makes us discover his adventure in pictures…


Jean Pierre Besse guides Carole Dechantre on the Eiger.

Member of the Eider team, Jean Pierre Besse accepted to participate to the project of the company Vertiges Prod called “Mountains of dream: escape on the ascent of mystical summits”. High Mountain Guide since fifteen years, the mountaineer from Vaud is a guide at Verbier since thirteen years. Fortified by his experience, Jean Pierre Besse brought Carole to this mystical summit, the Eiger


Yann Borgnet is on the road to Georgia.

Yann Borgnet, member of the Eider team, is gone for a month to Caucasia accompanied with four friends. On the program: paragliding and mountaineering through the Upper Svaneti, located at the North-West of Georgia.


Sylvain Mougin in the island of Madeira: “It was a revelation...”

Eider explorer, Sylvain Mougin is on a jaunt in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe; the island of Madeira. Located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco, the island of Madeira is of volcanic origin. The Madeira archipelago is an independent area and the capital is Funchal. Renowned for its wine and its embroidery, the island of Madeira is mainly famous for its breathtaking landscapes and its plants.


Marco Tomasello in Downhill Mountain biking on the Stromboli volcano for an Italian show.

Member of the Eider team, Marco Tomasello was the guest of the show “Wild Oltrenatura” on the Italian channel “Italia Uno”. For this program, Marco went to the Stromboli volcano in Downhill bike. The Stromboli volcano is one of the most active volcanos of the world, in constant eruption since 2500 years, the Stromboli rises at 2000 meters under the sea. Volcanologist guide, Marco Tomasello is a keen extreme sport notably downhill bike

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