Under the sun of Crete

We continue to travel with Sylvain Mougin. Topaz Blue, sand beige, colorful vegetation are in the daily scenery on the Crete Island… For a great delight!


Stage Two: Japan Alps with Sylvain Mougin

After having stridden the Mount Fuji, Sylvain Mougin and his friend Olivier had a trip in the Japanese Alps, near Hakuba, to discover a new snow. And what a snow! It was awesome for the explorator and his acolyte.


Stage One at Mount Fuji for Sylvain Mougin

We told you, Sylvain Mougin is more than a simple athlete : He’s an explorator. He knows the world by heart, and he does the appropriate disciplines in function of each country and the dominating elements. After his trek under the Patagonian wind, he came in Japan to catch up with the snow.


Patagonia, on the Chili side

Sylvain Mougin tells us the last chapter of his adventures in Patagonia. The trek brought him this time in Chili. That means long hours walking under a heavy backpack having as reward the natural beauty of those wild lands.


The adventure in Patagonia continues for Sylvain !

The adventures of Sylvain Mougin in Patagonia are not finished yet! In the heart of the Argentinian nature, he tell us his twists, with pictures of outstanding sceneries. A Virtual Trip guaranteed in this second South American chapter.


A trek in Patagonia? Sylvain Mougin makes it possible

The good thing with Sylvain Mougin is that you never get bored: a ride in New Caledonia in September, a climbing trip in Greece in November, and after the New Year celebrations, he has been in Patagonia -in South Argentina- to do a long trek. Even if the sceneries are incredibly awesome, a few myths had been busted…

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