Sylvain Mougin's "Eklektik Summer"

Here are some news from Sylvain Mougin who shares with us an intense summer… Little reminder, Sylvain is a pretty uncommon individual; he does all kinds of sports and he can only be defined as an « explorer » or an « adventurer » because it’s literally impossible to put a label on him! He loves mountain biking, running, skiing, telemark, canyonning and rock climbing among others. But above all, Sylvain is a walking GPS who masters the art of orientation. Here is a little story and some nice pictures that might make us regret summertime…


A day in Yann Gobert’s shoes

Yann Gobert’s 2014 Transalpine Run was epic and he’s sharing his fourth day with us. It’s one of the toughest trail running races in terms of length, elevation and landscapes. This race goes through forests, mountain passes, pastures and it’s made of snowy single tracks and unfriendly conditions. You have probably understood by now, it’s an all-time classic.


The 16th mountain films conference

The 16th mountain films conference (XVIe Rencontres Cinéma Montagne is the original name) takes place in Grenoble and gathers more than 16 000 spectators each year. It is actually the biggest mountain cinema gathering in Europe. This free event combines music, stunning images and offers the warmest and most positive atmosphere. This is happening from Tuesday the 11th to Saturday the 15th of November and takes place in the Summum, in Grenoble.


Look good - Feel good

After about fifty years, Eider knew how to keep in its hands its unique know-how combining performance and elegance. Nowadays the technical feat is essential but we are still convinced that the function and the fit of our clothes are decisive for the well-being and the performance of the persons who wear it.


Jean Pierre Besse trains to the Deep solo at Majorque.

« Best spot for this activity », Jean Pierre Besse took beautiful pictures of climbing over the water. His spot? Majorque, the largest island of the Balearic, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is full of amazing landscapes all as gorgeous as each other. The sea is sky blue and the rock is favorable to climbing.


Yann Borgnet tells us his trip in the massif of Queyras in pictures.

Located in the French department of High Alps, on the border of Italia, the massif of Queyras is a famous itinerary. Yann Borgnet makes us discover his adventure in pictures…

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