2015 ISPO Awards: EIDER a GOLD WINNER with the PULSE HYBRID jacket!

Already an ISPO Award winner last year for its innovative BLOW ALPHA glove, French brand EIDER, a specialist in technical skiing and outdoor apparel, has now scooped an ISPO Award GOLD WINNER accolade for the Winter 15/16 season for its PULSE HYBRID jacket, a hybrid design at the cutting edge of innovation.


Bike In The USA, episode 2

Sylvain Mougin sent us a nice postcard from Moab, Utah, where he has been mountain biking pretty hard! Sceneries are wonderful and Sylvain was lucky enough to ride full speed there, along with his friends. Here is a photo recap of this expedition:


"Bienvenue dans la Vraie Vie" episode 2 in Hokkaido!

Shouts of joy, snow showers, heavy snow falls and roaring wind. Here are this second "Bienvenue dans la vraie vie"'s (Welcome to the real life) ingredients, shot in Japan. Story and video by Adrien Coirier.


The Cheers team in Japan!

The Eider freeskier Adrien Coirier along with Romain Grojean and Jeremy Prevost have launched a webseries called « Cheers ». The name is quite fitting: the three fellow skiers have sworn to bring smile and good mood at all times! This should be a change compared to regular “cheerless” videos! Here’s how these guys do it…


Laure Vailly is waiting for the snow too!

Laure Vailly is getting ready for the Freeride World Tour which means attending all Freeride World Qualifier rounds. But Mother Nature is playing hard to get since the winter hasn’t really kicked off yet. Times are not that grave though, Laure shares bits of her winter with us.


Tom Runcie rides at home

Tom Runcie and his friends just had a freeride session in Crested Butte, CO, which is home for Tom.

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