What a Long, Strange Trip…

Anton Sponar has bravely set out on a human powered mission unlike any other adventure he’s been on before - biking from the Northern most tip of Chile to the Southern-most tip - a 4,000 km journey traveling...


Respectful clothes

Following the greenpeace advices, Eider has one objective: to provide a 100% PFOAs free products (wich means without chimical substances hazardous for users health and environment).


The Pacific Ride

Full of energy, Sylvain Mougin had a trip in Noumea (New Caledonia)...


Across The Andes: Tales from the Southern Hemisphere

Tom Winter trades in the hot summer sun for snowy adventures down south. He tells us his adventure.


Tom Winter: Deep Into The Canyons

With the North American Summer in full swing, a series days each hotter than the next inspired us to seek out the cool waters of one of the continent’s greatest rivers.


This summer's essentials

The summers days are already... And they're often accompanied by storms. If you're going in the outdoors for a few days, do not forget your essentials! Eider advises you some clothes that you can take with you or wear, just in case...

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