Kalymnos Climb trip

After New Caledonia, Sylvain Mougin is gone in Greece for colorful climbing sessions!


The Pacific Ride in a Movie

Recently, Sylvain Mougin told us of his adventures traveling throughout New Caledonia, but watching the movie he made brings it all to life.


The Pacific Ride Bis

Sylvain Mougin tells us the following of his adventure in New Caledonia... Awesome!


What a Long, Strange Trip…

Anton Sponar has bravely set out on a human powered mission unlike any other adventure he’s been on before - biking from the Northern most tip of Chile to the Southern-most tip - a 4,000 km journey traveling...


Respectful clothes

Following the greenpeace advices, Eider has one objective: to provide a 100% PFOAs free products (wich means without chimical substances hazardous for users health and environment).


The Pacific Ride

Full of energy, Sylvain Mougin had a trip in Noumea (New Caledonia)...

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