Sylvain Mougin : Canyon Refresh

During summer Sylvain Mougin is doing some Canyoning, here are pics of his usual weekend in Mercantour.


Marco Tomasello : "Wheels on fire"

Check out Marco Tomasello’s volcanic adventure in MTB on Aeolian Islands (volcanic archipelago in north of Sicily). Stromboli, Etna and Vulcona were his game field.


Yann Borgnet in USA

Currently doing an internship in USA, Yann is studying differences in management between France and USA concerning proctected zone and no protected zone on climbing cliff. During his free time he likes traveling around and climbing.


Ally is going well !

Here are some news of Ally and about his plans.


"DODtour" : Photo review of 15 remarkable months

During more than 15months, Lionel Daudet, Eider athlete, has followed the exact borders of France. This project was called “DODtour”.


Sylvain Mougin in New Zealand, part 2

Mountain Bike Trip : "BOHEMIAN LUXURY IN NEW ZEALAND" part 2