Laure Vailly in « Adrénaline » on the 26th of March.

Member of Eider’s team, LaureVailly was part of the shooting for “Adrénaline” broadcasted on the 26th of March on lequipe.fr. “Adrenaline” is a weekly magazine dedicated to board sports and extreme sports. To watch or watch again the report, it is here:


Enak Gavaggio and Quentin arrived to Canada for the Julbo White Session.

Last year, they flew to Japan. This year, the Julbo White Session brings the winner for a road trip to the mythical Powder Highway, Canada! Eider, partner of Julbo White Session, have equipped the winner to ride at best the incredible Canadian slopes…


End of the Freeride World Qualifier, Laure Vailly miss out on the qualification.

There you go, the curtain has fallen, and the Freeride World Qualifier for Europe and Oceania is ended. The last competition took place on the 29th and 30th of March in Austria at Obergurgl.


The Sylvain Mougin’s spot: New Caledonia

Originally from Saint Etienne, Sylvain Mougin is a true globetrotter. Sylvain’s particularity: he is the orienteer and the explorer of Eider Team. Walking GPS his experience of map reading and field took him to the four corners of the planet. From Japan to South Africa, Sylvain is a devourer of open spaces and an adventurer at heart. He takes us to the other side of the planet in New Caledonia where “the spot is simply legendary.”


Release of the fifth episode of « A la française »!

Guillaume Harleaux, member of the Eider team, offers us for its fifth episode a good freeride session in the Maurienne’s valley. Accompanied by Alban Martin, Hugo Paneboeuf and Thomas Lambert shook the valley…!


Bruno Garban on the Georgian’s slopes.

Member of the Eider’s Team, Bruno Garban flown to Georgia, just to add another exoticism destination.