Fourth and last episode of the web-series « Japanese Dream »: Sayonara!

Guillaume Harleaux and all the “Japanese Dream” team ended the season with a slow motion episode that recount the better moments of their Japanese trip. From the eccentric Tokyo to Hokkaido Mountains, follow them in the most beautiful spots of Japan. A great picture of Japan that makes you wants to go there!


Jean Pierre Besse guides Carole Dechantre on the Eiger.

Member of the Eider team, Jean Pierre Besse accepted to participate to the project of the company Vertiges Prod called “Mountains of dream: escape on the ascent of mystical summits”. High Mountain Guide since fifteen years, the mountaineer from Vaud is a guide at Verbier since thirteen years. Fortified by his experience, Jean Pierre Besse brought Carole to this mystical summit, the Eiger.


Laure Vailly is already training for the next winter!

The young free rider has already started her train for her next season. Meeting.


The « A la française » crew skied at les Carroz for the 6th episode of the web-series.

Guillaume Harleaux, Aymeric Cloerec and Bertrand Clair decided to go to the ski resort les Carroz d’Araches in Haute-Savoie to film this 6th episode. It must be said that Guillaume Harleaux knows this place inside out. 60 centimeters of powder, sun and ride, the perfect cocktail to make a good episode!


Yann Borgnet told us his paragliding trip at the Dune du Pyla!

The « Dune du Pyla » is an amazing spot of “flight relief” or soaring. We had no other goal than complete our skills in this domain. Indeed, the control of the sail is a fundamental element once back in the rolling hills to overcome turbulences often met in mountain.


Tom Winter tells us his trip the Italians Alps!

Tom Winter, member of the Eider Team, tells us the end of his trip in the Italian Alps. And It is in Tuscany that Tom choose to finish his trip, especially on the Apennines Mountains liked to the Alps