Welcome to the Real Life

Adrien Coirier is a freeride veteran, not by his age of course, but by his track record. After several achievements at the Freeride World Tour, he starts ski touring now. Adrien has published the first episode of a web series called “Bienvenue dans la vraie vie” (Welcome to the Real Life) that aims to show the backstage of a pro rider’s life. No sponsors and no editing here, only skiers facing a mountain. But I will leave you with Adrien so he can tell you about it…


Focus on the Wide Angle range

Eider is always looking for new materials and new concepts to protect you from rough outdoor conditions, whatever your favorite sport is. On top of its technical knowledge, Eider pays close attention to the look and fit of its clothes. Eider has focused all of its know-how on offering an accomplished and well-designed range tailored for all-mountain and freeride skiers, in order to address their needs. Let’s show you the Wide Angle range.


The Story Behind the Photo

Tom Winter is an American freerider part of the Eider team who takes great pleasure in doing his favorite two things; skiing the highest peaks and coming back with impressive shots. Today is no exception since he has a beautiful picture from Vail to share with us…


The UCPA wears Eider !

The UCPA will be in the colors of Eider this winter thanks to a new partnership! The UCPA is the biggest sports holiday stay operator in France. With its 19 resorts, this organization offers group or individual lessons and they ensure a smooth and safe progression throughout your stay. Let’s have a close-up on the UCPA and its new uniforms.


Sylvain Mougin's "Eklektik Summer"

Here are some news from Sylvain Mougin who shares with us an intense summer… Little reminder, Sylvain is a pretty uncommon individual; he does all kinds of sports and he can only be defined as an « explorer » or an « adventurer » because it’s literally impossible to put a label on him! He loves mountain biking, running, skiing, telemark, canyonning and rock climbing among others. But above all, Sylvain is a walking GPS who masters the art of orientation. Here is a little story and some nice pictures that might make us regret summertime…


A day in Yann Gobert’s shoes

Yann Gobert’s 2014 Transalpine Run was epic and he’s sharing his fourth day with us. It’s one of the toughest trail running races in terms of length, elevation and landscapes. This race goes through forests, mountain passes, pastures and it’s made of snowy single tracks and unfriendly conditions. You have probably understood by now, it’s an all-time classic.