Sylvain Mougin: New Caledonia final part

Sylvain Mougin is coming back a last time on his New Caledionian trip. After surfing and biking through the island, we will this time discover the sea windsurfing.


Guillaume Harleaux: First Episode "A la Française"

Do you remember? A few weeks ago, Guillaume Harleaux was shooting in the Pyrenees for the web-série "A la Française". Discover the first episode at the "Pic du Midi".


Sylvain Mougin: New Calédonia Part 2

When most of the Freeriders of the team are chasing the snow around, Sylvain Mougin, instead decided to meet the sun in Noumea, New Caledonia. After making us discover the litoral by boat, surf or padlle; it's time to discover the inland by bike. An habit for the adventurer of the team, who is sharing his experience with us.


Adrien Coirier join First Track

Adrien Coirier join the team of First Track, a web-serie focus on the winter adventures of Kevin Guri, Jeremy Prevost and Romain Grojean. In December they were in Turkey to shoot their first episode. To be discovered...


Sylvain Mougin: New Calédonia

When most of Eider Team was waiting patiently the snow in this winter season start, Sylvain Mougin decided to head to the New caledonian sun for a windsurf trip. Discover his testimony and his pictures.


Guillaume Harleaux, Pyrenees shooting

In this early season pretty poor in snow, our athlete need to travel in order to find good condition to film. Guillaume Harleaux was in the Pyrennees, for the shooting of the first episode of his new web-serie.