March 2, 2018


Ding-a-ling! Bike commuting is eco-friendly, convenient… and increasingly popular. Allow us to list the great reasons for cycling to work and spotlight the gear to do it – in less time than it takes to pedal around the block.

5 good reasons to cycle to work

We could actually give you thousands… but for starters, here are five that will likely sway you. 

Cycling is green!
The only carbon dioxide you’ll release is from your lungs. And for that, you’re forgiven already!

Cycling in town is convenient.
No jams, no meltdowns trying to find a parking space, and you don’t even need a bike (of your own) now that many cities have rolled out self-service fleets.

Cycling to work is fast.
Without even slaloming, courier-style, in and out of the traffic, bikes win their race against cars hands-down.

* Cycling to work is much cheaper.
No need to fill up at the service station (although a quick pit stop for a muffin or cinnamon roll is more than acceptable), no mandatory insurance, free and easy parking… You get the idea: cycling = savings!

* And if you opt to commute on your faithful steed, isn’t this the perfect opportunity to finally become the contented owner of a sexy fixie?


What to wear for biking in town: checklist! 

Although riding to work is increasingly common, you don’t really want to spend all day fancy-dressed in figure-hugging tights, (literally) over-the-top shorts, and sponsored jersey. As for a grey suit or a pencil skirt, not only are they unsuitable but all too often they don’t cut the mustard: most of us now want clothes we feel good in all day long: morning cycle, a day on the keyboard, right through to coffee or drinks at sundown.


So how should bike commuters dress? In versatile garments that combine a sports garment’s technicality and features with an urban cut, equally suited to cycling and your daily timetable.

Opt for technical fabrics that are both stretch and breathable. For top-drawer comfort, go with strategic stretch panels – on shoulders, arms, knees and seat.

Choose a model with natural look and feel to avoid that lycra/Tour de France vibe. A technical material’s features plus the appearance of cotton? You’ll be kitted out to ride AND work. (See? Life doesn’t always force you to choose.)

Pick a fit to go with your flow. All-cotton skinny jeans? Not ideal for pedaling with fluid efficiency. The fit must be adapted to biking, with preshaped knees and a roomier cut for greater freedom of movement, and tighter pant cuffs which won’t snag in your chain.

Choose apparel to match your style! We’re agreed: arriving for a 9am meeting with your boss, sweating in suit pants that are tatty from serious pedaling, or ultra-tight lycra, will not necessarily go down well – even if you work for a start-up. Versatile garments – that will shadow you morning to evening: on your bike, at the office, in a bar – are also a guarantee of really enjoying your day!

Three no-brainer garments for biking to work

Here at Eider, many of us bike to work – and for the luckiest, their route runs along our beautiful Lake Annecy (ever so slightly jealous?!) before tackling the climb up to the office. Check out our suggestions for cycling to work this spring.

Dalston jacket

Bomber jacket-inspired fit, dual-material fabric with a soft and comfortable feel akin to cotton, and a pleasant stretch lining: the Dalston is both snug and stylish. This clean-cut jacket can easily be worn for bike hops around town, to/from work, and, of course, for a spin with buddies at the end of the day. 


Bonus feature? Hi-vis strips on the sides and back, so you catch the eye more easily when perched on your saddle! 

Bushwick jacket

It’s not always easy to switch between activities without needing to change, but the Bushwick Jacket is the exception that proves the rule. Its dual-density fabric combines durable Cordura on the chest and cuffs with a lighter stretch fabric for optimal performance. Rugged enough to support all your most intense outdoor activities, it still retains a laidback urban vibe, so you can wear it on all your bike journeys – whether for business or pleasure!


Bonus feature? A slightly longer rear cut, so your back stays well protected while you pedal.

dalston pants

The Dalston Pants are a dream come true. Fusing a conventional jeans-like fit with the tech spec of an outdoor garment, the Dalston – crafted in lightweight stretch Drycore®, and ultra comfortable thanks to its preshaped knees – is the ideal compromise between comfort, elegance, work and everyday bike trips. 


Bonus feature? Their turn-ups with snap fasteners: they look good, and you’re sure not to catch your cuffs in your bike chain. Lastly, they ensure visibility en route home when it’s already dark, courtesy of their hi-vis strips!

In a nutshell, these are the perfect pieces of apparel for both bike and office. Like your favorite jeans, in fact. Only better.


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Ding-a-ling! Bike commuting is eco-friendly, convenient… and increasingly popular. Allow us to list the great reasons for cycling to work and spotlight the gear to do it – in less time than it takes to pedal around the block.

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