August 8, 2017


E for Eider

E for Emotion

E for Energy

Two other E’s – emotion and energy – define us pretty well here at Eider, and it’s no accident if they are given full expression through the hues and shades that give life to our autumn-winter 17-18 collection. Let’s take a peek at a season that’s bursting with color !





Reds, pinks, khakis and grays: express your emotions

Let your sensations carry you along, put pleasure in pole position, explore summits, and seek satisfaction through inspiration: we live the mountains with our emotions, too. Emotions that are kindled this season through warm, deep shades of red, pink, and khaki. There are grays too: deep shades recalling the quiet of a night in the open air, and lighter tones giving you the urge to walk in misty early mornings in the fall, or undertake more distant discoveries of polar circles – and why not warm your gray with a splash of sunny yellow




A full tank of emotions through reds, pinks, kakis and grays.


Blues, yellow, browns and grays: fill your energy tank

This season, the energy that powers you is expressed by shades of blue – deep Dark Skyfall and vibrant Blue Sky – plus a bright warm orangey yellow, toasty brown hues, and minimalist tones of black-meets-gray. In autumn on a forest trail, on snow-covered runs, or elsewhere, give them a try… and feel your body and mind swing into action.




Blues, yellow, greys and browns – to live the season in action mode




Adapting to your desires and moods, plain colors combine with powerful geometric patterns reminiscent of your favorite peaks (feel the sudden desire to hurtle down slopes?) or one of our subtle prints, which look hand-drawn. The result? A seriously authentic outfit.



Authenticity and creativity: express your desires and moods!

Authenticity? Very apt, as it’s probably the value that best reflects our mindset and the way we design our collections. That’s because we want them to reflect who you are and what you want – but without imposing anything at all, so that you’re totally free.

Freedom, authenticity, creativity… and our designers Emilie and Myrtille talk about it best: “When we imagine a collection, we let our creativity roam free. We’re inspired by nature, of course, but also by architecture, art and design as well as urban cultures – we tap various sources of inspiration, with no limits. And it’s this same freedom, without a silo in sight, that we want to offer the users of the garments we design.”



Freedom, authenticity and creativity set this season’s tone




Just as our product design process combines form and function, in order to wed performance and pleasure, our range of colors must be able to adapt to your mood, and let you sync action with emotion. Making tracks. But also taking time out, to breathe. In a nutshell: savor your sport at your own tempo!


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