March 30, 2017

The Ultimate Mountain Shell



The Commodore Jacket first made its mark in the early 2000’s, by pairing a streamlined approach to design with a Gore-Tex stretch knit fabric. A historical best seller, we considered it our starting point to reinvent the ideal jacket for active sports. As mountain sports have evolved over the years - going higher, faster, longer, and lighter - our goal for the modern-day rendition was to achieve the ideal balance between protection, comfort, and weight. And here you have it: The Commodore Active. Featuring our exclusive ergonomic Fix a Shape zipper, the high collar forms a cocoon around your face, thereby providing protection without limiting the mobility of your head or irritating your skin. GORE-TEX Active is lightweight, stretchy, waterproof, and breathable, so whether the skies open up during an alpine scramble or you’re getting after it on a spring ski tour, you can keep moving in comfort. Paneled construction is harness and backpack compatible, and the redesigned hood plays nice with helmets.

Our outdoor ambitions may evolve, but our desire to enjoy them in comfort does not. Whether rain, sleet, snow, or wind, the Commodore Active will let you continue to soar.











For years, our team of expert patternmakers puzzled over a design dilemma: how to engineer a highly protective jacket, creating a comfortable cocoon around the chin and face without limiting the movements of the head? After all, we’d made design developments to assure freedom of movement for knees and we MUST be able to break free from the constraints imposed by the rigid center front zip, right?! We turned to the experts at YKK to develop a solution. In fall 2016, after three and a half years of research and design, it all came together, and we presented the Fix-a-Shape zipper. Thanks to its uniquely shaped teeth, the ergonomic zipper forms a convex and concave curve to fit around the shape of the chin, so you can now layer up, zip up, look around, and move forward in total comfort.



It’s hard enough to maintain a clear line of vision when the weather starts acting up, so the last thing you need is your hood getting in the way. We’ve continued to analyze the design of this make-or-break feature, and this season, we introduce a smarter hood. Thanks to a redrawn visor, the new shape of our hood enables optimal top-of-head protection while leaving more room along the sides of the face, resulting in greater visual comfort. Additionally, we have strategically selected the most suitable materials and tightening systems to each garment, to meet the demands of each activity. All of this is done with the intent of keeping you safer and more comfortable in the mountains, regardless of the weather.





It’s simple: the faster you move, the more ventilation you need to release the heat your body produces. For spring ‘17, we have reworked the position and design of the vents in our garments to maximize their comfort and versatility. The underarm vents on the Commodore Active are slightly angled inward so that you can reach the zippers more easily. So while in stride, you can now access these vents that used to require some fumbling. We’ve also added a vent in the nape of the hood – just enough to keep air circulating in this high-heat area.


Trail maps help you get from start to finish, while body maps – that is, the strategic placing of various materials in garments to maximize the benefits of each – assure that you get there dry and comfortable. We work backwards, thinking first of the intended use of each garment, what types of conditions those wearing it will endure, and then evaluate which fabrics will perform best in various areas of the body. The Commodore Active maps three different versions of GORE-TEX ACTIVE fabrics, resulting in a jacket that is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and breathable.






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