June 13, 2017

High up, slow down

Lac Blanc, in the Chamonix Valley.In late morning, two walkers head away from the lake’s busy shores, striding steadily along a narrow path. Lost in their thoughts, they move forward in silence. Soon, there is no longer a sound to be heard – except, perhaps, for the faint breath of the wind. They are now alone with the mountains, in all their majesty.





Change of scene.A tent, pitched in the tranquil bottom of a valley. Dusk is slowly falling. A couple – one lying in the grassy meadow, the other seated against an old tree – laugh as they relish a cold beer and look back on the day’s best moments.

Elsewhere, a sun-baked cliff face. At the bottom, a group of climbers swap route tips and share beta. Chalk forms abstract sketches on T-shirts and hands. The clicking of quickdraws melds with the sound of voices.

Myanmar: a market day, on the banks of Inle Lake. It’s crowded, bustling, colorful. You feel like taking a time-out and, for an hour or three, strolling amid the stalls – thrilling your tastebuds, soaking up the sights… and feeling contentment.



Mountains and travel, at your own tempo

What do these dreamy hikers, jokey campers and inquisitive travelers have in common? Without going out on a limb, an appropriate reply could be: they joyfully experience the world’s beauty, sharing powerful and authentic moments at their own tempo. The planet is not elitist: it can be savored by everyone, In all kinds of ways, to match people’s enthusiasms on any given day – whether you’re a contemplator or a sport addict, a lover of the vertical rock world, or a fan of hikes through mountain pastures, drawn by solitude or hungry for contact. And that’s a good thing. Far from the hectic rhythm that often dictates our days, people have a growing desire to take time - to appreciate, observe, share… and slowly be taken over by wellness and peace of mind.



"The planet is not elitist: it can be savored by everyone, in all kinds of ways."




Technicality, freedom, peace of mind;

Maximum pleasure, with the sole constraints being those you might set yourself – that is Eider’s vision of the mountains, discovery, and travel. And we are driven by this philosophy when we devise new products, draw new fits, and design new materials. We want our apparel to instinctively adapt to your activities and appetites. To reflect your personality. To accompany you wherever your mood and footsteps take you, so you can live the mountains – and the rest of the world too! – at your own tempo.



"Maximum pleasure, with no constraint"




The ideal fusion of tech, versatility and style

In keeping with our dual legacy of sports and tailoring, we strive constantly to achieve the ideal fusion of technicality, versatility and style. The fabrics we use will stay the pace, whatever your activity.


Our Defender® membrane, built into many of our jackets, guarantees you excellent protection from the elements and maximum breathability. Our Drycore® fabric is breathable too, as well as stretch and ultra quick drying, to deliver superlative comfort on your hikes, treks or travels.




In terms of fit, we have revisited the trad grammar of sport apparel: pants, jackets skirts and shirts are designed to be equally wearable on café terrace and trail, for a short hiking weekend or on a long-haul roam around Kathmandu. Details set to sway you this summer include: jacket patch pockets for an urban vibe; jacket hoods that are often removable for greater versatility; and plain, heathered or printed patterns so you can pick a classic look or channel your offbeat fun side.

"Defender® and Drycore® technical fabrics, linked to technicity and fashion look"



Tech fabrics teamed with contemporary stylish fits? We’re betting that, even once back in the office, you won’t want to take them off!





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