June 4, 2017

The melting of fashion and function.



The melting of fashion and function

With just one look, it is evident that the Flowy Jacket was designed to challenge what a technical rain shell must look like, with its dolman-sleeve and fitted waist. The epitome of athleisure, it looks as if it belongs on a runway or stylish city streets. But the Flowy’s technical construction and features assure it can hang outside of the urban jungle.








The full-stretch waterproof and breathable fabric keeps wet weather out and moves freely with you. Underarm vents maintain air circulation, and the stowable pack-in pocket allows you to easily pack and carry. As we head into the heavy travel season, the Flowy Jacket is one piece that simplifies packing: one jacket, a million places.

"One jacket, a million places. "





Stylish Silhouette

We intentionally constructed the Flowy to have minimal seams, resulting in a jacket that is lighter, more protective, and more compressible. True to Eider heritage, this approach also allowed us to design a uniquely stylish silhouette that transcends performance. And then there’s the element of convenience: when the weather clears or as you warm up, simply unzip, remove arms from sleeves, and tie around your waist. This clever design allows you to keep moving in comfort, hands free.








New Hood Design

It’s hard enough to maintain a clear line of vision when the weather starts acting up, so the last thing you need is your hood getting in the way. We’ve continued to analyze the design of this make-or-break feature, and this season, we introduce a smarter hood.



The new shape of our hood enables optimal top-of-head protection

Thanks to a redrawn visor, the new shape of our hood enables optimal top-of-head protection while leaving more room along the sides of the face, resulting in greater visual comfort.







The colors we wear are what we put out in the world, and say a lot about our personalities. The Flowy’s colors catch attention and evoke emotion. They’re positive, dynamic, passionate, and active, just like the woman wearing them.









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