May 16, 2018

How to do sport in urban locations

The truth is definitely out: doing sport keeps you healthy. But if you live in town, and have to juggle between work and public transport, it’s not always easy to get everything together for a sport session. In the past few years, urban sport has been very fashionable. Urban training – accessible to all, with our without equipment – offers an array of disciplines to satisfy all sportspeople, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Here’s an overview of the possibilities on offer for doing sport in town.

Urban sports to suit every taste

The great thing about urban sport is its variety. There are a huge number of disciplines you can enjoy in the city. Men, women, children, seasoned sportspeople or beginners – everyone can find a sport to suit them.

Doing sport on foot

If all you have to hand is a pair of trainers, be reassured – that’s all you need to get into urban sport. In fact, you have several options :

•  Running: this is kind of the basis of urban sport. No need for extra equipment, and anyone can do it. Jogging is accessible to sportspeople of all levels, and helps you keep fit day to day ;

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•  Muscle strengthening: push-ups, sit-ups, squats… There’s a whole routine you can tap to help firm up your body without using any equipment. But make sure you warm up properly, and stretch off after your session to avoid aches ;

•  Parkour: this discipline, for adrenaline fans, has grown in popularity in recent years. The objective is to move through town using infrastructure you find along the way (walls of buildings, stairway handrails, trees, etc.) to execute jumps and acrobatics.

Sports on wheels or rollers

The other star of urban sport is wheels. From super-small to very large, here are some ideas of disciplines to enjoy in town and get fit (again) :

•  Inline and quad roller skates: you stored them away at the end of your teens, and now it’s time to get them out again. Skating tours, roller derbies, roller slaloms – how you power yourself is up to you, but there’s no shortage of choice ;

•  Skateboards and kick scooters: recently, skateparks have mushroomed all over France, to the delight of speed fans. Here, it’s party time for urban glide sports ;

•  Bikes: here too, there are multiple possibilities – from simple city bikes, for transport and recreation, to racing bikes through to BMXs. Whatever your level, your bike will become your best ally for burning energy.

The right apparel for urban sport

Round town or in a sports hall, it’s important to choose garments suited to the sport you’re doing - especially as, with urban sport, you’re exposed to the weather conditions. So to be able to go out in any weather (sun, rain, wind, snow) it’s best to have an appropriate wardrobe :

•  Stretch garments: to enjoy your outdoor activity to the full, freedom of movement is essential ;

•  Warm garments: in winter, choose items that provide good thermal insulation, to keep you nice and warm ;


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•  Waterproof garments: if you’ve got the right kit, rain will no longer be an excuse for not doing sport ;

•  A wind-resistant jacket: to make the most of your jogging or cycling session with no fear of a biting wind ;

•  Accessories: a cap in summer, a beanie and gloves in winter, and not forgetting a good pair of sunglasses all year round.


As you can see, urban sport is accessible to all – whatever your equipment or level of proficiency !

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