August 7, 2017

Eider's environmental commitment

New name, same promise.

It may seem cliché – an outdoor brand boldly stating a commitment to the environment. But some clichés are true. To skeptics, it may seem hypocritical – after all, part of the environmental crisis is a result from manufacturing products. But active people require active apparel.





To us, it’s simply common sense. Our company’s reason for being is to allow people to enjoy time in nature. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to protect our planet. It’s not a business trend or a marketing tactic – our environmental commitment is a core element to our DNA.

This commitment can be seen throughout Eider, from the materials we select, to our environmental NGO partnerships, to our repair and re-use programs. In previous seasons, we’ve used the phrase “ALL GOOD” to communicate a product or program that was in line with our environmental commitment. Now, in an effort to streamline and simplify, we are switching that label to “LOW IMPACT.”

Keeping your eye out for the following labels will make it easier for you to select eco-friendly products.





Bluesign is an independent label based on a standard underpinned by five principles. 

1 - Resource productivity

2 - Consumer safety

3 - Air emissions

4 - Water emissions

5 - Workplace health and safety





Created by Textile Exchange, a global non-profit organization that works closely with all sectors of the textile supply chain, the RDS standard guarantees the welfare of birds, along with perfect traceability on the global supply chain. It also prohibits live plucking and force-feeding.

We know there is more work to be done to lessen our impact on the environment, so each season we continue to research, make improvements, and design even more clothing to meet these standards. Here are a few highlights as we start to transition into a new season. See you outside!






A casual button-down shirt for enjoying the outdoors and bouncing around town, from spring on through to fall. The ECOYA fabric is Bluesign certified, and uses an eco-friendly dying process.






Ideal for high-output activities and adaptable to various conditions, the minimalist Target offers lightweight and breathable protection, thanks to Bluesign approved Gore-Tex Active 3L, with the added comfort of stretch.






#WINTERISCOMING. Warm, moisture-wicking, and resistant to pilling, the cloudy texture of the Mission Hoodie gives it street cred, while it’s recycled fabric is friendly to the planet.





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