June 8, 2018

What to wear when running in the rain?

No longer be afraid of running in the rain! Eider explains how to dress properly to deal with the elements. With the right gear, we’re sure that nothing will stop you and you’ll understand the enjoyment this activity can offer. Because you’re not always lucky enough to run in sunshine, it’s best to be prepared for every eventuality. And to do that, you need at least a minimum level of gear :

• a waterproof jacket

• shorts or pants

• a tee-shirt or breathable top

• a cap or hood

• shoes with rough outsoles

Running in the rain isn’t impossible. It’s actually a fairly frequent activity, especially on trails or when fast hiking, where nice weather is never guaranteed. Pushing your limits in unusual weather conditions is a tremendous driver – and, if you’re well equipped, running in the rain is also a pleasure !

How to stay safe when running in the rain ?

Reduced visibility, slippery road surfaces, mud – running in the rain gives sportspeople a few extra challenges. But for brave runners, nothing is impossible! You just need to opt for the right gear. Here are the main risks to do with running in the rain :

• Poor visibility

• Less traction

• Shoes wear out faster

• Risk of damage to electronic devices

Increase your visibility

To make yourself easier to see on roads and in parks, pick bright-colored or even fluorescent apparel, preferably with hi-vis markings.

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Optimize your traction

To make sure you don’t skid, wear suitable shoes and avoid smooth-soled trainers. After your run, dry your shoes properly by stuffing them with balls of paper so they don’t lose their shape.

Protect your stuff

To protect your phone, stash it in an inside pocket of your waterproof jacket or in a ziplock-type bag. You can also opt for a protective case or a waterproof armband.

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Choose a waterproof sports jacket to run in the rain

When rain joins the party, the important thing is to insulate yourself well. Once your underwear gets damp, it’s hard to warm up again. A lightweight yet waterproof jacket is the runner’s best friend. Garments incorporating the Defender® membrane are perfect for running in the rain because they combine :

• Water repellency

• A microporous membrane

• Optimal ventilation

With this type of garment, you’re safe from rain but also from bursts of heat and wind. Beware of waterproof jackets that aren’t suited to sport. It can be tempting to wear them if it rains, but they offer poor breathability and turn into saunas after a few minutes’ running.

Bottoms suited to running in the rain

Unless you run with an umbrella in your hand, there’s no way to avoid getting wet. So you may as well get used to it – and choose a comfortable outfit that suits the situation. We advise you to choose shorts when there’s rain about, as soaked running pants will weigh you down and chill the muscles – in which case, paradoxically, you’ll be colder in pants than shorts. What’s more, wet garments can be tough on the skin, chafing after a few miles. When you’re out running, the areas most prone to chafing / rubbing are :

• Thighs

• Armpits

• Feet

• Chest

So be sure to apply anti-chafing cream and tape before you put your kit on.

Accessories to protect your face when running in the rain

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When heavy rain falls, it’s better to protect your face so you don’t get rain in your eyes and lose visibility. To avoid discomfort that will slow you down, you have two solutions.

Peaked hood

The peaked hood, or ergonomic hood, meets several requirements :

• Protecting you from rain with waterproofing and/or water repellency

• Protecting your face with a peak

• Not impeding your movements

• Staying in place by means of a multi-point tightening system 

Running caps

Caps are more versatile, protecting you from both sun and rain. Like hoods, they meet some of runners’ specific requirements :

• Quick drying

• Easy to stash in a backpack 

• Protect your eyes effectively with their large peak 

• Keep your head cool thanks to optimal ventilation

Apparel for blocking out cold on a run

Protecting yourself from cold in winter and the 

• When running in winter and the fall, be sure to wear a technical fabric like Polartec® under your jacket. This fabric keeps you warm while also providing maximum breathability.

Protecting yourself from cold in spring

• In springtime, a basic tee-shirt or even a bra is all you need. In that case, it’s important to pick a jacket with a soft, comfortable lining. This type of garment prevents chafing, which typically increases in the wet.

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