November 16, 2017

New This Season: Fix a Shape Expands

Often times in life, it takes an ingenious invention for us to realize an inconvenient pain point we’d just accepted to be the norm. Like remote controls (I don’t want to get up to change the channel!), fanny packs (I just need something to hold my basics!), and calculators (ugh MATH!). Such is the case for the Fix A Shape™ Zipper. Introduced by Eider last year, the Fix A Shape™ Zipper was the world’s first ergonomic zipper, designed to eliminate uncomfortable rubbing against the face and the limited mobility that traditional zippers caused.

Eider Product Developer, Marion Charpenet, spent months working alongside expert patternmakers revising the cuts of fabrics around this troublesome area, before recognizing it would take more than that. Enter global zipper pros: YKK. 


" When you talk about zippers, you want something to be smooth and flexible,"

explains Johnny De Boer, UK Regional Manager at YKK.

"But in this case, we needed to introduce an item that was both rigid and smooth at the same time in order to hold a shape away from the user’s face."

After three years of R&D, Eider and YKK completed this mission and introduced the technology in a men’s backcountry ski shell, the Shaper Jacket. Says Eider skier, Tom Runcie, “I was skeptical when they first told me about this concept. Even when I first tried it on, the difference seemed minimal. It wasn’t until after I had a couple powder days skiing in the Shaper and then switched back to one of my older jackets for a day that I realized, how did I ever ski like this?” 


Bringing Fix a Shape™ to market last season was a team effort, and really happened in the nick of time. Our in-house team of developers, designers, and seamstresses worked around the clock to have samples available in time for sales deadlines. Because of this and the costs associated with zipper molds, this life-changing technology was only available in one jacket. Pleas for women’s availability were aplenty. Realizations for other styles of jackets that could benefit from a curved zipper around the chin came to light. But most importantly, the great success of the Shaper Jacket gave us the assurance we needed to go full speed ahead. 

"To me, it’s an innovation that directly responds to the needs of consumers,"

, says Marion Charpenet.

"It’s an easy innovation for everyone to understand, so I felt fairly confident it would be a success. And it was."
Full throttle

This season, we introduce the Fix A Shape™ Zipper in a variety of styles for men and women, so that both resort and backcountry enthusiasts can experience the comfort and freedom that comes with Fix A Shape™. Still the only brand making this technology available, Eider’s hope is to make a full day on the mountain more enjoyable for all skiers and riders. 


The phrase, shrink it and pink it, is regularly used among females frustrated with the options in outdoor equipment and apparel. But in some cases, it’s exactly what skilled women athletes want and need - a highly technical garment that just fits their bodies. And that is what the women’s SHAPER Jacket is. Every technical aspect from the men’s Shaper has been included in the women’s style, which won an ISPO award last year. Fix A Shape™ zipper for total comfort and freedom of movement, 20k/20k seamless bi-density weave shell fabric for maximized durability and breathability, oversized hood, angled cuffs – this is a skier’s dream jacket.

Shaper Jkt M
Shaper Jkt W

Finding the right level of insulation for all-mountain skiers can seem like a never-ending battle between overheating and freezing. You need something that’s warm enough for cold crisp morning chair rides, yet light and breathable enough for working up a sweat skiing bumps, the occasional boot pack, or getting after it in the steeps. The Rocker strikes that balance, using a lower weight of premium Eloft insulation, stretchy 20k/20k Defender fabric, and a roomy fit to promote air circulation. The Fix a Shape™ zipper is icing on the cake for this all-mountain wonder. 

 Runcie explain, after a day skiing Solitude Mountain in it :

"It’s surprisingly lightweight for an insulated jacket, and is SO soft, it feels like wearing a comfortable hoodie."

The Fix A Shape™ technology isn’t just for winter’s skiers. For year-round alpinists and warm-weather ski touring, the high collar and curved zip protects the face from the sun’s dangerous rays, from high-alpine winds, and torrential rain storms. For these times, we turn to the alpine fit Commodore Jacket, utilizing the highly waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX Active. The lightweight and full-stretch fabric coupled with helmet compatible hood and streamlined feature-set, make this an ideal mountain shell for four seasons of exploring the backcountry.   


Commodore Jkt M


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