Eider statement about COVID-19

We are facing a global health crisis, which we are addressing responsibly in strict compliance with the health measures taken by European governments.

Everyone’s health and safety are central to our concerns and actions: Our shops are now closed, and our employees are applying the confinement rules while also stringently following all health guidelines and measures.

However, with the organization we deployed today, we can continue operating our business and e-commerce website, as well as our consumer and shipping departments – to ensure a high-quality service in the best possible safety conditions.

Now more than ever, our community needs to show solidarity. The rope-team values that we champion are resonating with full force: At a time when you would like to be out enjoying the mountains, bear in mind that every step matters in slowing the spread of the virus and protecting your immediate circle.


Make the most of this time to reconnect with yourself, look after your family, and imagine your next mountain adventure. It will taste all the sweeter! RISE UP is also about dreaming.

To all those who have been affected, we offer our support and hope you get well quickly.

To our community, we send our warmest wishes for you manage this exceptional situation as best you can. We are sure we will see you again very soon, in full health, in our mountains.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.


Frédéric Ducruet

Millet Mountain Group General Manager

* The brand Eider was part of the Millet Mountain Group until January 2020.