Eider X Esther Stocker

Stocker X

Contrast Collection FW18.19

Esther Stocker bases her work on complex visual systems of geometric shapes and grid structures. An obsession runs through her artworks: making infinitesimal changes to the elements in her systems, in order to create a mild organized disorder.
Esther’s work fascinated us: the way her artworks inject motion into an extremely rigid and geometric pattern. Her technique projects us right into the illusion of a material akin to fabric – with a drape, texture and folds that evoke the essence of our trade.
A field of possibilities, entirely in black and white, fragile yet powerful: welcome to the CONTRAST collection, the fruit of the collaboration between Esther Stocker and Eider.

Rigidity and
an inspiring

Vertical lines, and horizontal ones too. White and black, and sometimes elements of gray. Minimalism. Abstraction.

No, because suddenly it all comes to life.
Flat surfaces fold,
move and transform. Lines meet,
clash, and form new and improbable ones.
Static becomes motion,
giving free rein to creativity
and interpretation.

Welcome to the CONTRAST collection!