Motion First

All sport is motion. Motion is fluidity.
Motion is vitality. Motion is freedom.

So that this motion flows free, we work with relentless passion.
So that this motion flows free, giving a feeling of lightness and freedom, we work with relentless passion, we imagine and design forms. We model and refine fits. We select and invent materials to make our garments ever more technical, supple and elegant. We let motion express itself and thus enable each person, in their uniqueness, to stretch their limits, reconnect, and express themselves.

We are all in motion.


Ever since our brand was created by Georges Ducruet, an eminent tailor and passionate skier, wearability has been the thread running through our business.

A jacket’s straightness of grain is what lets you forget you’re wearing it.
How a sleeve is built increases its scope of movement.
The curve of the fork is what gives pants their style.
It is wearability – through the fit, fabric and ergonomics of each product – that makes motion possible.

That is why, day after day, we devise, make patterns for and perfect our fits.
With the same passion as on day one.

And always with the same objective: whatever the constraints due to activity or environment, provide the wearer with maximum comfort, and strive to offer the ultimate feeling of freedom.


Stretch is the direct and essential extension of our quest for perfect wearability.
It tangibly reflects how we prioritize motion when developing each of our products.
The suppleness of a fabric, its elasticity, but also its ability to keeps its shape and support the muscles, maximize the freedom of the in-action body and its scope of motion.

. This is why stretch, used in a targeted way in stress-bearing areas or throughout a garment, now features in practically all of our products.


Advance in silence, and finally reach the top.
Breathe deeply and push off, crafting curves – wide, slight and short-lived – in the powder.
Adapt your pace to obstacles, cut dancer-like yet precise shapes, slalom along a forest trail. And suddenly, run on instinct.
Walk with steady steps along a narrow path, the only sound a light breath of wind whispering to you.

Savor the moment. Set out to discover new horizons. Stretch your limits. Move to express your creativity.
In the pure welcoming beauty of nature, ski and run and walk.

Be in motion. Be alive.


Our inspiration is the Alps.
The magnificent mountains where Eider’s adventure began in 1962, and continues today.

A fantastic playground where our team sources its creativity, day after day.

. A life-size lab where we design and test our products, to constantly enhance their comfort and technical performance.

Welcome home!


You are active urban dwellers constantly in motion.
Athletes with a passion pushing to transcend yourself and feel the intensity.
Fans of a mountain realm where you live the wonder, reconnect and recharge.
Hungry for sporting experiences, always ready for beautiful encounters, lovers of sensations and emotions.
In search of performance, an esthetic, or nature.
And sometimes all three at once – as driven by your desires and projects, by chance and the seasons.
But you are all perpetually in motion.

Join us, because #WeAreInMotion