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Feel like adding to your Men Mountaineering garments ? Welcome to the official site for online sales of Eider technical Men garments devoted to mountaineering. Do you want to roam along ridges, scale mountains and have your head in the clouds? We offer you Men Mountaineering garments rigorously engineered to deliver maximum comfort and safety during your escapades on summits.
Eider mountaineering apparel is tested by our athletes in real-life conditions, to guarantee you unfailing reliability. Whether you’re a pro or semi-pro alpinist, a high mountains enthusiast or a climbing aficionado, the Men Mountaineering garments that we offer are designed to satisfy all your requirements regarding thermal insulation, strength, and comfort. Discover our complete range of Men Mountaineering, High Mounatin garments with technical characteristics suited to sport mountaineering. All our garments devoted to mountaineering come in various models, colors and styles so that you can find the ideal product for your adventure in the high mountains. And because Eider wishes to equip mountaineers while respecting nature, all our products are manufactured in line with eco-friendly principles.

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