Since winter 2013-2014, Eider products have come with a full lifetime warranty covering all defects. After checking it, we will repair or replace it. Product repairs are carried out in our sewing workshop in Annecy, in the French Alps, by our experienced seamstresses.


If you notice any product anomaly or defect, please return your garment to us via the shop where you bought it.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by an accident or misuse.

If a product is not covered by the Eider warranty, we undertake to draw up a precise quotation for the actual cost of the repair. Once you give your consent, your garment will be repaired and returned to you promptly.
No product can be replaced without our consent.





How do we recycle our products?

.   What you need to know :

When you return an end-of-life product to our After Sales Service and it sadly cannot be repaired, or if a product fails our quality tests, we don’t discard them – we upcyclethem instead.



Two nonprofit organizations take over, to make new from old.
-OWL (Outdoor Waste Lab) , is a design lab that offers a concrete solution for managing and reusing textile waste from the outdoor industry by making “upcycled” small bag accessories We provide OWL with products that are not, or no longer, useable. OWL selects, cuts, assembles and stitches this raw material – bringing accessories to life here in France, in the Mont Blanc Valley.

-EAST CAMP. Founded in the Czech Republic, East Camp also collects end-of-life products set to be destroyed, and transforms them. A puffa jacket could be reborn as a handbag, or a protective jacket as a wallet, for example.





.   Every little helps.

Leftover fabrics from our factories are usually insufficient to make new items, but too large in quantity to throw away in their current state. The solution ?

Twice a month, Eider runs tote bag workshops for its staff, to maximize the intelligent reuse of materials. Tote bags are intended to complement the use of plastic bags, which still play too big a role in our daily lives. In the Eider sewing workshop, where all our prototypes are designed, staff are thus introduced to sewing while they create a long-lasting, eco-friendly item.



Eider runs tote bag workshops for its staff, to maximize the intelligent reuse of materials.